[General] - Winter Wendy Glitch?


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Winter Wendy Glitch?

Issue Description: When we got to winter (around day 20ish) Wendy started glitching out of the game. I would attempt to do actions, (ie eat, put items in chests ect) and the animations would half play before canceling out.

I would then try and leave camp and about 10 steps away I would jump back to the central fire.

This would happen in every direction, and with the map view turned.

Steps to Reproduce: So far I havent attempted to reproduce this error, but logging off and shutting down the server doesnt seem to help.

I dont really know what set this error off, but we've only played one game so far so I dont know if this is a winter glitch or a Wendy specific thing.

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