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Custom Char atlas.tex Bug


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So, whats up...

yeah im not good with intros


So theres this bug that i need help with quick.

especially since my connection is very limited so i play dont starve all the time.


I made my own character one day, and i finally got it to work... then it appeared as a shadow....

i tinkered around with it a bit and then the game just crashed. 

i peeked into the log to see this.


scripts/worldgen_main.lua(246,1) Checking map...	scripts/worldgen_main.lua(600,1) Generation complete	WorldSim::SimThread::Main() completescripts/gamelogic.lua(116,1) 	Unload FE	scripts/gamelogic.lua(118,1) 	Unload FE done	scripts/mods.lua(258,1) Mod: BlastRed Mod (Red)	Registering prefabs	scripts/mods.lua(264,1) Mod: BlastRed Mod (Red)	  Registering prefab file: prefabs/red	scripts/mods.lua(268,1) Mod: BlastRed Mod (Red)	    red	scripts/mods.lua(264,1) Mod: BlastRed Mod (Red)	  Registering prefab file: prefabs/wodbhat	scripts/mods.lua(268,1) Mod: BlastRed Mod (Red)	    wodbhat	scripts/mods.lua(281,1) Mod: BlastRed Mod (Red)	  Registering default mod prefab	Could not preload undefined prefab 0x0 ()scripts/gamelogic.lua(128,1) 	LOAD BE	scripts/gamelogic.lua(131,1) 	LOAD BE: done	MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( minimap/minimap_data.xml )MiniMapComponent::AddAtlas( ../mods/BlastRed Mod/minimap/red.xml )scripts/gamelogic.lua(452,1) Loading Nav Grid	../mods/BlastRed Mod/anim/red.zip:red--atlas-0.tex is 3077x1538 but compressed textures must have power of 2 dimensions.

So, it says it doesn't have the power of two dimensions, but yet i am sure that when i exported it from the TEXCreator, i set it to 2D....

any help?


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