[Gameplay] - Odd lose or continue decisions with flashbangs

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Odd lose or continue decisions with flashbangs

Issue Description: I recently got triple-flashbanged while trying to save the courier. My 3 agents were all knocked out and the courier survived (He was hiding in another room while my agents tried to subdue roughly 8 guards who were all very mad at them).

They were down, my courier was hiding, and finally Deckard stood up. 3 guys saw him, he had nowhere to go, and he got shot and died. Then the game ended.

Why did the game end? My other 2 agents were just knocked out. If all agents being out is the reason, why did the game not end when they were all knocked out by the flashbang?

I was going to lose anyway (Even if the Red Sea of guard sightlines happened to part, with only 5 movement points the courier would have to spend a turn in the open to get to the elevator) so I'm not mad or anything, I'm just wondering at the inconsistency and suspect it's a bug.

Steps to Reproduce: - Get everybody flashbanged, hopefully so that some of them get pinned by guards and sleep longer.

- Get whomever gets up first killed.

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It looks logical, although I had experience that mission was failed right after all agents lose their consciousness (not with cyberlabs): support-guard's flash grenade strikes last one and Central immediately said that "connection lost", but that was before midweek hotfix, probably it was changed

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