[Exploit] - Varg Endlessly Summons Hounds When Ghost Players Are Around


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Bug Submission:

Category: Exploit
Issue Title: Varg Endlessly Summons Hounds When Ghost Players Are Around
Issue Description:
With a spawned Varg on the map and playing as a player ghost, you can idle around a Varg until it summons enough hounds to fill your needs.

And if there is nothing nearby for hounds to attack, they would end up following the ghost player for some reason I do not completely understand but I figured it's because its still a player.

So now you have a whole pack of hounds indirectly following you and you can lead them to the swamp to clear out tentacles, killer bee hives and any tier 3 spider nests on the map.

This would make easy farming of red/blue gems if you haunt each hound into Red/Blue Hounds respectively. But if you use all blue hounds, you'd also end up with a lot of silk, glands and spider eggs too if there are Spider Queens around. If you end up bringing the pack of hounds to tentacles, you'll might also end up with a few Tentacle Spikes. Same with bringing the hounds to killer bee hives which would earn you lots of honeycombs.

Image below is one screenshot of the exploit, as you can see we've amassed about 14 hounds (we had a lot more before this screenshot). We cleared out a huge portion of the swamp from T3 Spider Nests, Spider Queens and Tentacles. Then later, some Killer Bee Nests.


As a fix, Varg should not summon hounds even if there is a player ghost nearby.
Steps to Reproduce:
1. Once a Varg spawns on the map.
2. A player ghost idles around it.

3. Indirectly lead hound pack, where ever you desire.

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