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[UI] Preview Server Map and View Player Log

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Currently the only ways we can differentiate each of our created servers from each other is only through the following items:

  • Server's Name
  • Server's Description
  • Server's Current World Day
  • Character Used

From these items, depending on how varied you make a server's name and description for each one is rather difficult to determine which server you want to play on. Personally, I do not vary the server names much, but if I do I simply just use the numbered style. I end up naming my servers with either 4th,5th,6th, etc. With character used, I usually end up using either Wilson or Wickerbottom. And so far I have had 3 long running servers, and on each one I tend to forget which people I have played with.


So lets say, I've played with two different groups of people in a row on over a duration of about two days, on two different servers and maps. Then the next time on a different day, one from either groups of people I've played with suddenly logs in to play and asks "Hey, lets play on that last server you had.". I wouldn't be able to remember exactly which server I hosted that the person is pertaining to. The only way for me to recall, is if I resume each of my servers and the person joins. If he didn't play on the server world I host, he/she will pick a new character. Then I'd have go close the server again and try a different server where that person has played on before with me.


With the example above I'd like to suggest two specific things:

  • View Players Log - This can fall under the Manage Server button, In the Manage Server page, there will be a button named Players Log. Clicking this button will change the Banned Players title into Players Log and then the list will display all previous players that joined and left the server with information on which in-game day they first joined and last in-game day they were active and maybe also the character they used.
  • Preview Server Map  - This can fall under the View World button. In the View World page, there will be a button named View Map. Clicking this button will reveal the map for that server much like how pressing M in-game shows the map. You will still be able to zoom in and out and scroll around the map. The map will only show what you have already discovered in-game.


With these features, I'd be able to check and remember much faster which server and map I've hosted that the person I'm going to play DST with has already played on before. Without having to actually resume the server to find out the long way.


And that's the gist of my suggestion, if this has been suggested before I'm sorry. I can't seem to find anything like this with very common terms like players,player,log,view,map,show map. If there is a topic about this already, please share and forgive my ignorance.


Thank you for reading, cheers!



  • The positioning of these buttons is up to klei where exactly they should be. 
  • The names of these buttons is up to klei what exactly they should be called.
  • If anyone has anything else they'd like to add to these kinds of features, reply below.
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