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  1. Exit tower, tear one end of the rope next to the bridge (I assume there is some for railing), jump and swing around the other side of the tower but take in surroundings whilst swinging, climb up rope back onto bridge.
  2. God shambit damnit ramnit clamnit! Stand up and pick up hat, use lanter to look around for items or exits.
  3. Tear: hole in hat with teeth then stick lantern in top Equip: Lantern Top Hat Look: Around room with new light
  4. Equip: Lantern Top Hat Look: Around room with new light
  5. The symbol is commonly used in urls, though not all.
  6. Okay, then I wont see you on Don't Starve Together, once the 65,000 other people who will have it by December 15 get their keys.
  7. Blood.

    1. Auth
    2. KalebSearle


      Yes, ever time status asks me to post what son my mind, it is blood, YAYAY

  8. WickerBottom the old hag, why would I sleep with you? Sleep with WickerBottom, Psshh.
  9. Whenever I check these forums I have over 100 notifications from this thread :_: Ima keep following anyway
  10. Dafuqwaaaaaaaa 98 Notifications

  11. Yes, Wilson grows Chest Hair! Wait what?! Oh... Chests full of hair... Okay.
  12. Wizard, Recovered, We Are, Mumble, Thistle, Tune. Possible theory; Maxwell the Magician (Wizard) and his assistant (We Are) Have Brung Their Thoughts Back A Bit More Properly To Be Sane (Recovered) But In Doing So The Shadow Creatures Banished Them to the land of (Thistle) forever with nothing to do but Hum a song (Mumble Tune). TOTALLY DUMB IDEA LOOL TAKE NO CARE IN THIS.
  13. Tuu muny pgs to read thru in rc's comics i unly got 2 page 18 urmgud

  14. adjectiveadjective: chill 1. chilly. "the chill grey dawn" synonyms: cold, chilly, cool, crisp, fresh, brisk; More bleak, wintry, snowy, frosty, icy, ice-cold, icy-cold, glacial, polar, arctic, raw, sharp, bitter, bitterly cold, biting, piercing, penetrating, numbing, freezing, frigid; informalnippy; informalparky; raregelid, brumal "a chill wind came through the open doors" 2. North Americaninformal very relaxed or easy-going. "in general, I am a pretty chill guy"
  15. Also, it took me like an 50 minutes to read 11 pages of this thread #_#.. It was interesting though!
  16. Praecantator's Google Code For Andromeda is 58913981 58914451, Whilst Resumptus is 66217866 66218065, I am unsure if this comment was in anyway relevant but I posted anyway. The Andromeda is a galaxy, so it has something to do with space.... Maybe they are going to do something with space or the moon?