[Graphics] - Watched tiles do not display correctly

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Bug Submission:

Category: Graphics

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Watched tiles do not display correctly

Issue Description: There is some sort of rendering issue that makes the red 'watched' ground indicator display incorrectly.

Guard, camera and turret 'watched' tiles do not display. Meanwhile, there are random patches of 'watched' indicators that do not correspond to tiles that are actually watched.

Additionally, all explored rooms remain visible, even if there are no agents or hacked cameras in them. (In the attached screenshot, notice that I can see the guard at the far right, even though he is in a room with a closed door and no cameras.)

This pretty much renders the game unplayable, so I'd really appreciate a bug fix! Let me know if there is any more information I can provide that may be of use.

Steps to Reproduce: This happens consistently every time I play. This started happening with Update 6 and has continued through the most recent updates.

My hardware/software setup is the following:

Macbook Pro (15 inch, mid 2012)

Mac OS 10.8.5

Processor: 2.6 Ghz Intel Core i7

Memory: 8 GM 1600 Mhz DDR3

Graphics Card: Intel HD Graphics 4000 384 MB

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