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Converting anims back to scml


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Doesn't work, it says that the build has unsupported encoding version. :/

This means you're trying to decompile an old build. I actually implemented support for legacy builds in krane, but that's only in the GitHub version. I'm meaning to update the forum upload soon (mostly I need to set back up a compilation environment in Windows; learning the DST internals has been taking a bunch of my time and I fail at multitasking). You can compile the ktools from source, of course, if the thought of doing that doesn't scare you.

Just note that decompiled legacy builds won't be compatible with the original animation bank when compiled into .bin again (non-legacy builds will). So you'll need to rename the bank to something else, and make sure to decompile all animations from the bank you're interested in (in the case where they are split into several files; simple banks are usually not).

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