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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Can't Stop Shuffling

Issue Description: I was playing DST with my friend last night and every single time they logged in their character wouldn't stop shuffling around instead of walking, without ANY lag whatsoever on either of our ends

in fact they knew they were shuffling and just couldn't stop it from happening and it made it extremely annoying to try to fight anything (which meant I ended up fighting things for them so they wouldn't get killed)

they were playing as Willow and we were on a private server

Steps to Reproduce: not sure since I have no idea what was causing it

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I'm guessing you were the host and they were joining you. If so, this is server lag (not lag in the network, but your server not simulating their movement smoothly enough).
If they turn off action prediction it should replace the shuffling with a bit of delay on their end.


Edit: That being said, this could still be fixed. It's a bug in the way action prediction handles continuous movement (as opposed to clicking once somewhere on the ground). If I'm understanding the situation correctly, then if you ask your friend to click (once, not click and drag) somewhere far from his character, he should move without the stutter-step.

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