[Crash] - Unable to start the game

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Unable to start the game

Issue Description: I am unable to start the game after "early access update 7".

I have tried to reinstall the game and verified the integrity of game cache. Nothing helped.

It looks like I'm not the only one with this problem:


I'm using OS X Yosemite 10.10.1

Here's the hardware overview:

Model Name: MacBook Pro

Model Identifier: MacBookPro11,3

Processor Name: Intel Core i7

Processor Speed: 2,3 GHz

Number of Processors: 1

Total Number of Cores: 4

L2 Cache (per Core): 256 KB

L3 Cache: 6 MB

Memory: 16 GB

Boot ROM Version: MBP112.0138.B11

SMC Version (system): 2.19f12

Steps to Reproduce: I just try to start the game from Steam, like I usually do.

See the attached screencast:

The program starts (note the change from "Steam" to "Invisible" in the top left corner) and immediately ends.

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  • Developer

Hey fczbkk,

We've been trying to reproduce this bug at the office but have not been able to yet. It would be helpful if we can get the log file from your game. You can find it in Documents\klei\InvisibleInc\logs\invisibleinc.txt

You can msg it to me, or paste it here.

Hopefully we can get this fixed for you soon.

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From what I understand: deleting/renaming savegame.lua will start the game again. So, I suggest to also attach your savegame.

Please do so after you posted your current logfile en savegame, else it won't help the DEVs cause the log will be overwritten.



Maybe time-stamping the logfile would help with future debugs and prevent it from being overwritten at every restart while people are trying to get the game to work, thus removing a possible clue that was only logged the first time the crash happened.



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