[General] - Stationary Guard Animation

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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Platform: PC
Issue Title: Stationary Guard Animation
Issue Description: With the new Guard animations the guard is facing one way during the animation. See below, when he was eating.



And then suddenly another way when just being idle. Also note that he does not detect or notice me (yet).




There is a possibility that this might only occur on the 1st turn or when you first see/encounter a guard.

EDIT: I lured the guard away and he completely ignored me!






Steps to Reproduce: Basically wait for a guard animation to finish.

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Looks like guards slightly adjust their positions after first turn now, to observe biggest part of room and prevent "facing wall" exploit, maybe that was happened to you 


Maybe, but:


- I peeked into the room

- checked the guard > he was stationary


So I enter the room thinking it is save and not expecting the guard to suddenly turn. He could very easily gone into Overwatch. Though I believed that the second time this happened (before I made the pic above, I was right in front of a guard (full red) and that guard didn't react either, until I tried to walk away next turn.


The suppositely "wall exploit" is another story, though not for this Bug Report.

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The suppositely "wall exploit" is another story, though not for this Bug Report.

I believe that it could be right that new script, it works exactly for stationary guards not for patrolling ones
although he wasn't face wall after level generation, he change direction to observe biggest area as possible
either it unpolished feature yet, either it's not possible to rotate them before first player turn, so case with him not detecting static agents in his peripheral vision after rotate could be intended
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