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Help updating mods to RoG + later versions of Don't Starve

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Hi, I've been gone for over half a year from Don't Starve and the forums and I'd just like to know what extra things I need to add to my mods to make them work for everyone with RoG and vanilla Don't Starve if anyone has any info with what I need to do, (and maybe how) then I'll happily update my mods (Wario, Jason Voorhees, Weavile, Phillip, the Batter and the unanimously beloved Nerphile the Nerf).

 I searched a little bit but couldn't really find anywhere specifically saying what modders are required to add for RoG and maybe when the time comes, Don't Starve Together.


Thank you in advance etc

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Oh speaking of which, my older mods (and the new one I'm doing) seem to not call the working music anymore in either normal Don't Starve and RoG, I've looked around in the files to see if I need to change the music replacement file path (maybe it was changed to work with the new music sets of the seasons) but afraid I can't find anything.

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