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  1. HOLY HELL, just as i'm about to release my mod bugless tons of bugs come in, IN A GREAT WAY THANK YOU KLEI!!
  2. Renamon

    i'll have to look at the vanilla don't starve version later, right now my focus is on don't starve together; if you have the shipwrecked dlc the mod is not made to work with that yet, I do not know if I have updated the version on klei for a while so that may be an issue.
  3. Renamon

    updated version is located on the steam workshop right now, can you give an error code at all or specifics that I could help you get it working
  4. Renamon

    dst version is almost done, 4 months later- sorry about that wait...
  5. Extended Sample Character

    I would like to continuously say, thank you on behalf of everyone who has not, your work has benefited the don't starve community outright. though I cannot work on my mod right now, when I get a new tablet this template will help with the continued work.
  6. Asymmetcrical Character Design?

    the engine only uses three set stages back, front and one side- sadly its not possible.
  7. [Tutorial] Using Extended Sample Character Template

    the ol' "I DONT WANT TO UPDATE ITS NOT UPDATED AND I KNOW ITS NOT BECAUSE IM DONT STARVE" gimmic eh, I bypassed this by bumping one spriter image and then bumping it back into place and saving the .scml dst mod tools checks if the .scml has been changed in order to compress.
  8. Renamon

    find me a way to ensure it works in RoG and i'd be glad to.
  9. mod mod modding.

  10. Extended Sample Character

    I will give you a million thank you's for the tail.
  11. Renamon

    the character has been adjusted to your feedback accordingly, thank you!
  12. Renamon

    ill look into it!
  13. Renamon

    Version 4.0


    This is Renamon, a digimon from the show digimon tamers. This mod enables the character Renamon in "Don't starve." Renamon has unique quotes, is very nimble on its feet (fast), it has a very fast metabolism, petrified of the dark (EXTREME sanity loss). renamon has a second form and a little hat to help level out the game play. Stats 250 Hitpoints 220 Sanity 250 Hunger Changes ADDED HEALTH REGEN rain decreases sanity hit damage increased High definition art New insane form Custom sounds.