[Crash] - won't open

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Bug Submission:

Category: Crash

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: won't open

Issue Description: Game no longer opens (the fantastic game, congrats!), apparently since the last update. I'm attaching log, and console notes.

Steps to Reproduce: In Steam, click Play.

It gets to the "The in-game steam overlay requires access for assistive devices..." window that always comes up first, I click okay, and then there's a quick flash of full-screen black, then nothing.

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Oh, I did... good catch. Starting without it fixed the problem, thanks!


Of course now I've lost allll my progress... sigh. Is there no other workaround out there?



Well that depends on the error. You should attach your logfile (of the corrupted savegame) and corrupted savegame.

Jason also mentioned an email in one of the bug reports that can at least help you to unlock the agents and programs.

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