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Questions about DST

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Hey, me and my friend thought about buying the Dont Starve+ROG 2 pack on steam, but we have some


1) If we buy the game do we get access to the DST immediately or  do we have to wait when it launches officially?

2) If i buy the 2 pack does my friend also get the DST when i gift it to him?

3)Is it actually worth buying it with the ROG DLC?

Thanks for the answers!

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1. You have to wait untill DST is released to get acces to it. Unless you signed up for the beta, then you will have acces by dec 15th. You can also buy DST beta access after the 15th on steam (2 keys for $5 if you already own DS)


2 Yes, once it is released, or conditions above.


3 Yes!

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You cannot at this point get access or buy a DST key, it is now in a closed beta, you can get some if you signed up for one when you could, get some from the Klei stream giveaway, or trade (this is not reccomended, you could get scammed). For more info of future of key reciving read here: http://forums.kleientertainment.com/topic/44729-dont-starve-together-roadmap/

(also ROG is definitely worth it.)

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