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Can you guy make a update that support controller?

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I play don;t starve with my controller,but I find I can not use it any more in don't starve together.Gotta say play with controller is much cooler,you can pick up things on the ground fast,no need to click click click,and attack and interact is two button.So I wont accidently hit a pigman with my axe when I am intend to give him food.So..please add controller support.

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I was starting to get annoyed with all the clicking... but then I learned of the space-bar :hypnotized:
I've not had an issue with attacking things either anymore.
Fight = "F"  key and Action = "space"
Not that a controller would be bad, just mentioning as I've been hearing a few people on twitch still "clicking" things. I wonder to myself if they know there's a key for that. Or maybe there's something I don't know, that they know!? lol I never wanted to ask, cause I didn't want it to seem rude. xD
Figure I'll mention it in case someone doesn't know, as I once didn't :-)


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