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Don't Starve (Multiplayer Mod) Question

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Is there a multiplayer mod available? I ask this because a lot of people just really don't want to give out their DST keys (I don't blame them) but I'd still like the chance to play with a friend of mine and work around the DST Beta. If there is a way to do it through Hamachi/Tunngle I'd be more than willing to open up a server for people to play on or at least try to get on. I also understand there are illegal copies of DST out there...but let's not talk about that. The reason I am asking is because I missed the key give away and I don't intend to beg for a key like everyone else is doing. I asked once in a thread and it was enough for me. So if anyone has any information regarding a way to get a multiplayer mod up and running let me know.

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I saw you begging for a key  :wilson_laugh:


You obviously don't read too well where I said I posted once in the forum about it, and I followed the guidelines for the key entry, so no it's not begging. If you have nothing to contribute to my thread regarding the topic at hand, then don't post in them.

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