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[Request] Dropping Backpacks/Piggybacks/Krampus Sack Tweak


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On default when you left click your current backpack to drop it. The backpack jumps out at random directions.


I'd like to request a small mod tweak wherein left clicking the backpack/piggyback/krampus sack from your inventory to drop it, will result in the same event as when you are swapping your current backpack/piggybacks/krampus sack with another that is on currently on the floor.


Another way to explain my idea for this tweak is to use the same event as dropping other items on the floor. Thereby when you left click your currently equipped backpack/piggyback/krampus sack your character will do the dropping animation and the backpack/piggyback/krampus sack will drop directly where you character is standing and won't jump out a random direction.


This will be greatly appreciated by people who end up using a lot of backpacks/piggybacks/krampus sacks as temporary containers and like to keep their bases generally clean, like me.


Thank you in advance to who ever picks this tweak idea up! 

Note: I did a search in the steam workshop about this on backpacks and found nothing like this. If there is a mod out there that covers this, I'm sorry for posting this and also let me know where I can find it.

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I think we should just get a keybind which, when pressed, drops the item your cursor is over in your inventory, backpack or not. Console players have it, why shouldn't we?

PS: The dropping in a very randomized fashion might be intentional as a counter to making chests with 4 grass and 4 twigs as opposed to 12 wood.

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