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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Issue Title: Don't Starve Bug Report

Issue Description: 1. There was a delay time between an action and the completion of the action when playing on a hosted server. Delay time changed throughout play through.

2. There were connectivity issues that seemed to be a precursor to the above bug/issue. This was a constant ordeal throughout the play through and would occasionally result it a major lag/disconnection issue.

Steps to Reproduce: 1. Hosted a Server

2. Invited a Friend to Play

2.5. Friend Joined

2.5.1. Friend had Issue 1

2.5.2. Friend had Issue 2

3. Disconnection


4. Friend Hosted a Server

5. Invited by Friend

5.5. Joined Friend

5.5.1. Had Issue 1

5.5.2. Had Issue 2

6. Disconnection

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This is just the action prediction having a little trouble with a severe amount of lag. It's not something that's really possible to fix, except by getting on a better server.


At some point you will be able to turn off action prediction in the options. For now, you can disable it for a given session with this (on the console):


It will re-enable if you rejoin, though.

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