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WX Adventure Playthrough Question

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Hey all!


I'm in the middle of an Adventure run with WX (fully upgraded). I'm on chapter four (which ended up to be The Game is Afoot for me) and I'm preparing to gear up for Darkness since I rushed and found all the Things. I have a sustainable base right now, but I have a question about what items to bring with me - specifically food-wise. The thought came across to me as to bring a stack of gears since my map is full of clockwork knights (Chess biome) and I know that they not only fill hunger but also heal and refill sanity. I plan on blazing through Darkness as quickly as possible - would gears be a good source for food and sanity to bring with me? Besides a food source and walking cane, what else should I bring (stack of gold, stack of cobwebs, mining helmet?).




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what cat weasel said (though I beat it with woodie beaver has night vision) 1 tons o food or in this case gears 2 miner helm 3 stack o fire fly's the walking Cain is a good pick but if u want a secondary miners helm or a fire staff to burn the spider nest clusters

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