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how to replace the model of hound by pigman


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Warning: The following train of thought is rather advanced and should be read slowly. Mobbstar ltd is not responsible for any confusion or damage caused.


You need to load the pigman animations (including model) in the hound.lua file, and then you can set the "bank" and "build" (as they're called) to pigmen. You may need to set the pigman stategraph as well. This means you need to override the hound file entirely.

If you want pigmen to attack the player in hound waves, you could probably just set it so in the "hounded" component. They will attack any player tagged "monster" by the way, similiar to Webber in the RoG DLC.


Now let me check whether the latter actually works...


EDIT: Of course it doesn't :distrust: I wonder how the cave worms work then...

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