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I'm not sure how to prevent it from being abused, but rollbacks should definitely be a thing. I've lost one too many worlds to the corrupted hands of Willow.

Hey folks,

Just wanted to pop in and give you a heads up about a potential solution we're currently looking into. Basically our idea is that when you ban (and maybe kick) someone, you'll have an option to roll the server back in time a little bit. Since kick and ban are generally reactive measures to a player behaving badly (i.e. burning up or stealing some valuable resources), this will give the host an opportunity to undo the damage done. If we find that it does work as a solution to griefing etc, it'll be tied to the ban (and maybe kick) so that it doesn't get exploited as a way to undo genuine gameplay mistakes (as opposed to an option always present in the not-paused menu).


Hopefully this makes people comfortable with hosting public servers again--a lot of the coolest stories I've heard have happened in environments like that. Thanks for all the discussion!

Hopefully it won't be too long before it arrives. Because... Willows, yikes.

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