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Will add suggestions as they occur to me:


1) Day counter removal: 

  • This isn't really a huge deal now because most servers end pretty quick, but once you start getting dedicated ones or ones that stick around for a long time, that day clock is going to get astronomically huge, very quickly.
  • I think days should be replaced by seasons, just showing 'summer,' and 'winter' and that be it.  that way everyone has the same clock, and if someone runs an afk server they wont get to day 1million just by being a ghost or what not.


2) Locked Chest/PvP neutral zones: 

  • I think it should be a craftable item to make a small green, safe zone (safe from players other than you and people you authorize doing anything to your base)
  • There should be a maximum of 2-3 per server.
  • Eventually would want a way to set an attack timer (say 2 days real world time) so that you could have battles there for conquest/raids. (just gives the other person time to be online to defend the spot if they are active.)
  • This would be mainly for dedicated servers, once they pop up.  Hopefully we can start to see the beginnings of towns, trading, etc.  The problem wouldn't be protecting someone's area when they are in game, but after they log out.  

3) Option for Console Lock

  • right now the way I see it, Console can be used by host of a server to spawn in items, etc. 
  • Other people can't spawn in anything, if they do, they can't pick it up and other people can't see it.  Admittedly I haven't experimented much with HP and other such variables but still.
  • I wouldn't mind having the option to allow other people to spawn in items, especially if you were trying to recover from some griefer burning everything down. 
  • It would be nice to be able to set: Console on, Console off in the world options. and have the ability to authorize other people to use it, using the TAB window, similar to kick, mute, etc. 

4) Player damage:

  • Its REALLY hard to kill someone with just your basic spear.  Maybe this is the way its supposed to be, but me and a friend had to chase a guy around for like 20 minutes just to keep him from looting everything in my base, and I still didn't kill him.
  • I'd like for Spears to do extra damage to players, so that maybe three to four hits will kill a person. 


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