[Gameplay] - Mission Selection UI bug / oversight

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Mission Selection UI bug / oversight

Issue Description: When I am in the mission selection choosing a mission, I sometimes accidentally click "Infiltrate" on a mission when I am trying to click a adjacent other mission to see what the mission is.

At this point, I am taken to a screen where you see what corporation is in question. This screen has no button that lets you return to the map, the only available button is "Start mission", so if I misclicked I can't go back.

Sometimes this is game breaking and can be a really big negative play experience, so this must be a bug or oversight.

Currently, In terms of design, the "Start Mission" is basically useless since it has no choices for and the only game mechanically relevant information is the corporation being infiltrated.

Because I can't go back from this screen, it is basically a loading screen that does not load anything.

If the intent is to obfuscate which corporation is the target, I suggest tweaking the map screen UI to make misclicking harder and using the "Start Mission" page as an actual loading screen, possibly incorporating the loading screen graphic in there because it is cool.

Steps to Reproduce: 1) Start a new game

2) Choose any starting setup

3) In the map screen choose a mission and click "Infiltrate.

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Sure, obviously I'm trying to make less misclicks, but that is not the point.


Requiring players to not make misclicks or risk ruining their game is bad design and the rewind feature is a clear indication that Klei aknowledges this. Extending this practice to mission selection is a no-brainer and it must be a bug or oversight that it has not yet been done.

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