[Gameplay] - Internatonal's Hacking

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Bug Submission:

Category: Gameplay

Platform: Mac

Issue Title: Internatonal's Hacking

Issue Description: I just got the new update and went back to an old game I had started. I was using deckard and internatonal. While using internatonal I discovered that she couldn't hack computers from a distance. I know you guys changed some things in the update regarding international, but I didn't see anything about her computer hacking abilities, just the scanner, so I think this might be a bug. Internatonal is one of my favorite characters because she lets you use time that would of been spent running in circles hacking computers on something else, but with this bug her hacking range is only one tile ( like the rest of the agents) It should be noted that she still shows her old hacking animation and can hack through walls, she just only reaches one tile.

Steps to Reproduce: I have no idea

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