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  1. *cough* extra credits *cough* I always thought that the old ones mentioned in the end of adventure mode were supposed to be cthulhu style entities i.e. super powerful things that don't care much for your existence and make you go insane. In all seriousness though, I would love to learn more about these "old ones" (or were they called great ones I can't recall). Through the WC puzzles we know a good deal about Maxwell, but the old ones seem to be the real villains. It would be cool if they were mentioned more than once.
  2. Currently Summer is harder than winter. Food rots, crops burn, and you die of heat stroke in under a minute. This doesn't make very much sense. In real life animals look forward to summer as it is a season to gather supplies to fight of the cold of late fall and winter. In don't starve, I use winter as a time to prepare for summer! I am not saying you should make the game super easy, It's difficulty is why I like it, but a difficult summer and an easy winter just doesn't make sense. I suggest that overheating shouldn't damage you, and instead just make you go insane very fast. This would give you more ways to fight the heat while still killing you if you stay exposed to it. You could also just make over heating only happen in the middle of summer but that doesn't seem as cool. Insanity is one of the beast parts of DST and I think there should be a season about fighting for it, and summer is as good a season as any. The rotting food is fair, and makes you have to explore more to find more food which is fun, but I don't think fires should be as frequent as they are, it forces you to stay at your base all summer and makes the game mundane. Winter should be the hardest season. Because it is winter, and winter is coming. I think your first winter (if you start is fall) should stay the same as normal, but after that winter becomes longer (maybe 25 days) and you need more than just a beefalo hat to survive. (Maybe a beefalo hat and a breezy vest could be the minimum) Winter should be a time to hunker down and fight for survival, no matter what stage of the game you are in. Deerclops is great, but I think blizzards and more winter exclusive monsters would be really cool and make winter the definitive season of difficulty.
  3. I'm new to this puzzle stuff, but, I think that the curtains closing in praecantator might be morse code. Maybe.