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[Suggestion] Better inventory management

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I actually checked this time and I don't think anyone has mentioned this one yet.. It's not a very big thing but it would make the game less tedious.


Craft X: I've noticed now that I'm playing with others I care a lot more about Aesthetics. Crafting floors is obnoxious. Soo crafting X amount would be really nice for large floor projects. 


Number Keys rearrange: I hate to reference minecraft... But I really like how you can mouse over an inventory slot, hit a number and it will swap the items... I find myself trying to do it constantly to quickly sort my inventory and then end up disappointed.



Honestly I'd settle for a mod with these features... I just... Don't know how to write a mod or have any clue where to start. These changes wouldn't affect balance at all and are simply for convenience. No clue how hard they'd be to implement.

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