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Problem with the entrance to the ruins.

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So I was spelunking as Wigfrid and wore the Battle Helm and carried a lantern due to the fact that I needed both light and a defensive method. I found the entrance to the ruins and was able to mine it up and wanted to enter it. Only problem? It is surrounded by Spilagmites which makes it incredibly difficult for Wigfrid to get buy. I found out you could destroy them with a pickaxe but it would also cause a bunch of cave spiders to appear. To ensure that I don't die (because they already killed Chester), would the best solution be befriend a bunch of Rock Lobsters to help me with this? If so, how many?

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A handfull, I would use 5-10. You can try picking the nests one by one. That way you wont get so many spiders attacking at once.


Also, I would wear both the helm and the logsuit, if you are not wearing that already.

Thanks. Cave Spiders are kinda a pain to deal with, thank goodness for the existence of Rock Lobsters which are something strong underground that Wigfrid (and also Webber as well?) can befriend, I'll be sure to try that out as well as the logsuit. The main reason I was down there was to get enough Blue Gems for Snow Chester since I have finished grave robbing on the map. And I would never pass up being able to visit the ruins whenever I go spelunking.

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