Easy list of augments.

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edited copy/paste from file "strings.lua":

Sadochistic Pumps
Killing adds 3 AP
"The pump feeds the lizard brain's secretions back onto itself, amplifying the host's natural fight-or-flight response."

Dead Man's Switch (I dunno, is it in game or not)
Activates when host dies. --what does this do?
"Killing the host triggers the switch, but for what purpose?",

Net Downlink
Agent gains 2 AP (when anything hacked completely)
"Offloads some basic brain functions to a remote server, allowing the host to focus on more pressing matters."

Anatomy Analysis
Kills ignore guard heart monitors and do not raise the tracker.
"A single strike to precisely right location is enough to disrupt most commercial heart monitors. Fortunately, the calculations involved in finding that location are beyond normal human cognition."

Distributed Processing
50% chance to gain a PWR point at the beginning of each turn.
"There is plenty of room in the human body to pack in additional processing power. Artificial neural bundles may be implanted into any major muscle mass with minimal loss of strength."

Torque Injectors
Reduces item cooldown by 1
"The hand is a versatile but an inefficient design. By restricting certain axes of motion, we are able to improve the speed and efficiency of others."

Titanium Rods
Deal 1 extra KO damage (melee)
"Sometimes the simplest things are the most effective. Metal bones let you hit things really hard."

HoloCircuit Overloaders
Knock out all enemies in a small area around this agent (when using cloak) 
"Modern tactical displays stream terrabytes of situational data directly into the corneas of security forces. They also provide an avenue of attack.",
MicroSLAM Apparatus
Automates environment mapping and uploads all data to Incognita. (Exploration bonus, cash) 
"This embedded apparatus implements SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to create an environment map of explored regions and automatically updates the data to the central servers.",
Predictive Brawling
Gain 6 AP (after succesful melee attack)
"P.B. gives full control of the somatic muscles and sensorium to an advanced combat AI. The host consciousness is kept distracted with a combination of soothing nature scenes and chamber music.",

Chameleon Movement"
Gain 3 AP (when using cloak)
"Contrary to it's name, the Chameleon Movement implant does not allow the host to change their appearance. Rather - it analyzes their surroundings to show them the most inconspicuous path for the way they look.",

Piercing Scanner
Shots ignore 1 point of armor. 
"A suite of sensors and AI routines that analyze weaknesses in ballistic armour.",

Penetration Scanner
Melee weapons ignore 1 point of armor. 
"A suite of sensors and AI routines that analyze weaknesses in blunt trauma armour."


Carbon Myomer
Adds one inventory slot. Non stackable

"Replacement Myomer bundles that produce an accessable compartment in unused body space."

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Okay, is there an updated list of augments from the sixth update?  I just got the "MICROSLAM APPARATUS" from a cybernetics lab mission and I have no clue what it does.  Here is the description:




If anyone can tell me what it does, it would be greatly appreciated.

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