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List of emotes

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/heelclick is in. Perfect! :grin:

I'm confused by /bonesaw though. BONESAW IS READYYYY?


I think it's more of a PvP taunt:


"Oh, so you stole my stuff and destroyed my base eh? By the time I'm gonna be done with you... ahaha, and you thought this [/bonesaw emote] hurt."


Looks extra threatening when Mighty Wolfgang does it.



or maybe a way to say you're dying of Starvation.


"I'm dying here, need food! " - Wolfgang

"I don't have any, I'm sorry" - Wilson

"Yes you do!" - Wolfgang

"I seriously don't" - Wilson

"You do! It's part of you right now! Give it to me" - Wolfgang

"What?" - Wilson

"Your arm, give it to me [bonesaw emote]" - Wolfgang

"Cannibalism? That offends me as a gentleman" - Wilson

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