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A similar suggestion was made some time ago when the question presented itself: What's the point of crafting papyrus? The general idea was that it should be to craft a map. Now players start off with a map, but what if we didn't? What if you didn't get the mao icon at the start of the game? Well it wouldn't kill us... it would just make our lives a little harder.

With that in mind eventually the player could locate reeds and craft papyrus. From there by combining papyrus and charcoal the player could craft a map... and voila... the map icon would appear. Now whether the player needed to carry the map with them or it was "absorbed" to become the map icon is open to debate. Personally I liked the idea of needing to carry the map around in an inventory slot, but then, I'm like that. ;)

The map would display everywhere the player has been, so any mapping you had done up until that point in the game would be recorded, so you wouldn't need to retrace your steps. I liked that because the alternative seemed tedious.

I'm not sure we need to actually draw or color a map... as it seems like extra work without a real payoff. Again, that's just my opinion.

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I didn't mean to say you actually physically have to draw or color it yourself, it's just for the recipe.

When you create the map the icon pops up, just like you just said, and you can use Tab to acces it or press the icon.

After that everything will go as normal, but only if you have the map with you in your pocket or backpack.

Well then, based on what you've said I agree. The crafting formula can be debated another time. :)

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Many people suggest this. Minimaps are also commonly suggested. I had a great idea the other day regarding this. What if there were two tiers, or multiple tiers to map making. You'd have to craft a map at first, the plain paper map we have now with the tab button. And later you'd be able to craft a new map with some kind of new resource, which would give you a small minimap in the right corner. And this could either keep getting upgraded, or stop around there.

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