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What's your strategy when starting a new world?

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Curious to see how I can be more efficient.

I usually just wander around until I find Beefalos and set up base there, then start farming. I've only gotten up to day 14 so far though. My Beefalos are never near rocks for some reason and I end up having to make a 2 day trip to collect some and end up dying on the way back usually. So any tips on how to collect resources far away from base would be appreciated.

Do you guys explore whole islands first? Set up base somewhere other than next to Beefalos? What's your general strategy?

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Hi there!

I got the game about a week ago, and have started new maps a couple of times so far. (i haven't died on this play-through, day 55ish)

The first thing i do is grab a load of seeds, grass, twigs. This usually happens when i am running the exterior of whatever island i start on. I do this so i can find where the dang swamps are, or roads off the island. If i see berries i will stop to grab some but i don't spend much time doing that because sticks and grass is way more important.(seeds do fine for the first day or two)

If the island is a nice grassy place with a lot of bushes, saplings, and grass tufts then i will explore the inner part of the island picking everything that i can (make a backpack and axe, start collecting wood). Once i have cooked enough berries and seeds, have enough to start a fire, i will go look for stones to start building a base camp.

I usually have 3 or 4 rocks that i can mine out on the original island...if not i will begin looking for them at that point.

And then, its all different depending on the circumstances.


Best thing i have found to research is rope, and then spend a long...long time making rope and shoving it into the machines. Enough grass around and you can unlock almost everything in a few days. It is easy, but tedious for sure...pretty good payoff if you ask me.

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Fisrt thing i do is run around like a madmen gathering recources like twigs, grass, flint and food.

I then create an axe, chop some trees, kill some rabbits and birds.

Make a fire, cook all the foods, survive the first night, then repeat step 1 untill i find a suitable place to settle down.

After my 2nd or 3th night i venture out in search of beautifull things and i die in the process.

The end.

& repeat

Yep, that is what I do for the most part. By the way your name reminds me of the state i live in, NH.

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