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Friend or Foe Flagging

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For the PvP servers there needs to be a way to flag players as friend or foe.  This can be useful for things like traps.  At the moment on PvP servers tooth and other traps do not spring from other players.  This kinda removes a useful tool in PvP because you cant lay traps that others cant pass.  Right now they just walk over them and you have to find PvE devices to act as your PvP traps.


The default should be foe though and you flag players as friend after which they can pass over your traps and vice versa. 


Yea? Nay?  What say you?

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Place 100 tooth traps around chest.

Steal valuable item from friend.

Place item in chest.

Tell friend that you're protecting his/her items inside chest.

Friend walks to chest to retrieve booty.

Tag 'friend' as foe.


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