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New Player - Question

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Hey I recently bought "Don't Starve" and while I love the game I'm more of a player that builds forts and conquers the unknown. In fact for whatever reason whenever I play this game it immediately reminds me of that movie Ginger Snaps, where those two girls are in the American fort while werewolves tore through the woods like insensitive assholes.

Anyways- my question is does this game at any point intend to allow extensive fort building or camping, because while it is fun to run around and "survive" every time I play the game I spend 5-6 days looking for that perfect "spot" to fortify, and immediately begin building up and staying well within that specific area.

Perhaps it's not in the spirit of the game- but that's who I am as a player.... also will the devs be adding insensitive ******* werewolves in the future? ... those werewolves are jerks. (EDIT: I'm gonna kill them.)

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Typically players build 1 or 2 main bases and then several resting stations so nothing unusual there. The game will evolve based on their own secret plans as well as how the player base reacts. It will get more difficult when people says its easy, it will become easier if something seems too ridiculous or hard.

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