Should Jibs be in Don't Starve?  

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  1. 1. Should Jibs be in Don't Starve?

    • Yes, they should cause they're great
    • No, they shouldn't cause they're bleugh

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If i could have a thing in the game which was my idea I would be honored. I was thinking an animal called a Jib, they are basically red squirrels but with horns and they wear glasses, they also have a spiny back. They drop glasses that give you night vision (or some other perk) on a very rare occasion. But normally they drop their horn that allows for faster running (about the same pace as a rabbit). They fall from evergreen trees when the player chops them down and run away (about the same pace as a rabbit) but they take about 1-2 seconds to find themselves (after just falling out of a tree). If they get far enough away from the player without scurrying up another tree their horn glows and they teleport out of the area.

If you would add the Jib into Don't Starve it would be a great accomplishment for me as I will finally got one of my own ideas into a popular game for the world to see.

What do you think about the Jib? What could make it better?


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You might find my suggestion dull, but just the generall idéa with squirells in the game would be awesome! :D

Say when you chop down an adult evergreen, a bunch of nuts spill out of the tree along with the ordinary 3 logs and 2 pine cones, a furious squirell also pops out, trying to claw your eyes out because you chopped down his food storage tree!

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