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i really like the game, and will definitely play it more. I'll skip the positives and head right to the constructive feedback, but I don't want you to think that I didn't really like the game because I just have negatives here. i just can get more mileage out of giving you the problems I found :)- found it the current difficulty to be a more advanced level. this did not have a casual feel to it because the difficulty of staying alive. I would keep this level of difficulty, but also have a version where the curve is easier- when browsing the toolbox, hovering over an ingredient should show you the name of the item, not just the icon. - i accidentally dropped a stack of logs right next to a fire, and the whole thing burned up, but took much less time than a fire. Its pretty horrible that you can lose your entire nights worth of logs in one left click instead of right click.- I think i'd prefer some small progress/status bars on the screen to show me how many more clicks it will take to kill something, or an estimate of how much longer my fire will last, etc. I know this does take away a bit from the aesthetic, but the game is pretty hard so anything that will visually make my tasks of estimation easier would be helpful- i'd think about how you can make this a one button game instead of two button...that will make porting to an iPad in the future much easier for you

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Just thought I'd add to the idea of the progress/status bar idea. The pig-men in my entourage don't really show how much health they have left. It would be nice to see their health and be able to replenish it by giving them something to eat (or if they eat the meat from a spider their health is replenished)

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  • Developer

Thanks for the feedback! The difficulty curve is something that we're working on. It's hard to tune it with the players that we have in-office, because we all play a lot and know most of the game's secrets. Hopefully, an expanded pool of beta testers will give us a renewable source of fresh eyes to keep us honest.Ingredient names are coming in the next build. That was one of our most-requested features.Dropping twigs near fire and having them burst into flames is an unintended consequence of the new fire-propagation model. I'll have to fiddle with the values to keep forest fires but give you a chance to pick stuff up again before it combusts.I've wrestled with the one-button interface problem quite a bit. Honestly, I think that our reliance upon mouse-overs and precision picking is an even bigger problem for any eventual iPad port. The interface would probably need a significant overhaul.

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