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Summer Strategy [Another world]

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Notice :


My guides contain many spoilers. They provide a general guideline of what you should do every day. Depending on the resources available, you may take another path of action. I assume you have red my first guide : Spring Strategy [My Last World]. I write guides as I play to not miss anything. I start most of my worlds in spring as it's harder to survive under this season than autumn.



From last guide... :


I seem to follow the 3/4 of what is in the guide for most of my worlds. I go through spring with success. It is important to build a Fling-o-matic in your base before summer begins or it will burn. Bee Boxes, Drying Racks, Bird Cage, Crock Pot and Secondary Bases are convenience. You don't need those for summer.


If you don't have a Fling-o-matic, you can leave all your valuables in your main base and create a secondary one with a Fire Pit and Farms. The Fire Pit and Farm structures can't burn. You can stock logs and grass in summer in your backpack while not fearing fires.


Summer is the worst season for exploration. You need to be good at survival and keep things in order if you want to go through summer in most cases. Food is plenty if you hunt rabbits or fish. The overheat mechanic doesn't let you "wander" around the base for a long time. If you are low on hunger or sanity, you are likely to die from overheat. Never panic, you can eat seeds to refill some hunger or get a pig the next day to use its sanity aura.


The *shortcut* to solve rain problems in Spring was the Rain Hat. A Rain Hat alone will slow rain greatly. The Rain Hat and Umbrella combo can stop rain. You need an umbrella, a top hat and a summer specific item for Summer.


Fashion Melons can be manufactured at an industrial rate if you feed watermelons to birds to get the specific seeds. You only need one watermelon every 3 days. It is an efficient summer item. The summer vest requires 2 Pig Skin and 3 Red Feathers. It lasts 8 days and provides small protection against overheating.

In general, any two items combined will help you for a 1/4 day. If you use all the three slots (except hand), you can wander from 1/2 to a full day without your base. A chilled amulet will help you slightly. 


Thermal stone is an hindrance from my experience. It gives you a false sense of security and it may overheat faster than the character in a few cases. If you have a Snow Chester following you, you can store cold thermal stones for emergency cases. Two is enough to bring you from 40 degrees or more to normal temperature in a few seconds, effectively resetting the *Heat Timer*.


Remember to shave yourself every 5 days. It is of big help !




Summer Basics


Inventory sorting






Day 1 to 4

Secondary base

Day 4 to 8


Day 8 to 12

Preparing for Autumn

Day 12 to 16

Author notes




Summer Basics






Inventory sorting


























Craft an Umbrella.


- Build an Ice Fling-o-matic.


- Build a Fire Pit.


- Build Farms.



- Gather Grass.


- Gather Silk.


- Gather Manure.



- Produce Rot.


- Produce Gun Powder.


- Craft Top Hat.


- Build Bird Cage.


- Build Bird Trap.


Secondary base


- Gather Red Feathers using Boomerang or Bird Trap.


- Craft a Summer Vest using 2 Pig Skin and 3 Red Feather.


- Farm until you have the Melon crop. Feed it to bird.


- Create a sustainable Melon Farm.


- Craft Fashion Melon.



- Leave all your valuables inside your main base and construct a new one.


- Build an Endothermic Fire Pit in your new base.


- Make traps for rabbits or fishing rods for fishing.


Note : Your new base should be near a meat source. Berries Bushes will wither, not yielding berries.



- Build Farms in your new base if you are lucky to have a Pig Village or a Beefalo herd nearby. Two improved farms is enough.


- Transplant twigs, grass or berries.




- Craft new summer items if they are red.


- Build structures as Tents, Chests, Drying Racks or Farms.



- Gather 4 Bees and a Honey Comb.


- Build a Bee Box.


- Plant flowers near your Bee Box by capturing butterflies.



- Gather logs.


- Gather Lure Plants.


- Gather Spider Eggs.


Note : If it is your second season, you will have many tier 3 spider nests in a normal world at this point. Beware of Spider Queens !


Preparing for autumn    


- Explore the caves.


- Gather Light Flowers.


- Craft a Lantern.




- Build a Pig House or Bunny House in Overworld.


- Optimize base.



- Stack Gun Powder.


- Stack Rot.


- Stack Logs.


Notes : Your third season is the perfect time for base optimization. You can transplant twigs, berries or grass. Multiple Crock Pots, Drying Racks and Chests is very convenient. Many things can happen in summer. It is likely that you will spend half of autumn rebuilding your base, re-crafting things, exploring and making stacks of materials. If you don't want to rebuild your base in spring, you need to be well prepared. The "only danger" of Winter is the Giant Deerclops. Use your energy in the good direction by making weapons. Exploration in caves is not worth it. It takes a full month to find ruins and repair the Ancient Pseudoscience Machine. Spiders are common and present a bigger danger than their Overworld counterpart.


Author notes :


This guide follows "Spring Strategy [My last world]". The player is not actively accompanied as in the Spring Guide because I assume that you have a base, that you know some game mechanics as kiting or traps and that you have acquired some sufficient knowledge about the game.


The Specials are additions. It may be tips, questions and answers or explanation of a few game mechanics. Reading those additions will not help you with summer, they will only give you knowledge.


The "Guide" will be slowly filled with information. Feedback about its current state is appreciated. I will use a Content List with Jumto/Aname tags for easier navigation as the "Guide" may get huge.

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If this is about RoG, please put it into the RoG section (a mod will probably do it for you, just send one a personal massage).


I had a guide on Spring a month ago in the same forum section and it is still there. I will do a personal massage to a mod even if I get nothing in exchange. 

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