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A More useful compass Part 2 Return of the turned down suggestion!

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So, seeing as maps no longer pause the game if multiplayer is running... As I suggested WAY back when the compass was first released, perhaps it could have some direct link the map, particularly, I believe my old suggestion was no map revealed past the default reveal distance and once you left the fog of war consumed the place you left, with the compass in hand, map changes become permenant, and maybe there could be an upgraded version possibly called the TeleCompass or some such, so that all players with a telecompass shared map information. And mayhaps the map can be changed between being like it is now, or having no over lay on non mapped sections, so you can see the world around you a little bit as you gain your bearings.

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It would only be annoying, especially at the beginning of the server. Instead of finding good spot for base you will be going around with no damn idea where is what. In my opinion, it is best to leave the compass as is. I should craft it in the base and at spawn :p

(how could I forget about this thing?).

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