[Gameplay] - Walrus Camp Replication + Crash when deleting Walrus Camp after it is cleared


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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: Walrus Camp Replication + Crash when deleting Walrus Camp after it is cleared

Issue Description: I'm not the server host so I can't provide any server logs. We play on a world with more Mac Tusks and it seems that the camps duplicate and the blue hounds multiply. I'm not sure if this is because the number is high.

The game also crashed if we delete the Walrus Camp from console after we cleared it. We believe that it's because the walrus camp is trying to spawn or it was duplicated and it's still outside. If he or I deleted it, I would sometimes have invisible Mactusks on my screen attacking me and only he would see them or vice versa.

Please let me know if any logs would be helpful, I can try and receive the server log if needed.

Steps to Reproduce: Have an active Walrus Camp in your world.

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Only the server can actually delete things. If you delete it as a client then you will have invisible stuff that's still actually there.


Edit: didn't mean to say this bug didn't exist, just wanted to clarify that the bug would be in the case where the server deletes it and it results in invisible things killing you, not where the client deletes it.

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Hi @critiqued,


I would be interested in seeing the log to investigate, but deleting things from the console isn't true game behaviour - I'm not sure we can safeguard against gamelogic assumptions being broken outside of the game's control.



Kaj :-)


Ok! Thanks for the response :) I will get it from the host and post it when I can. I'm sure we wouldn't be deleting them if the duplication wasn't an issue, but it seemed like we were killing them and if the server crashed or even if the server still was online, they would spawn waaaay before they were meant to respawn. 

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Thanks - sadly it doesn't give me anything to help me. I'll have another look at the code and will try to duplicate the issue. If you ever run into a very clean way to make it happen I'd of course be thrilled to find out.




I'll mess around with it as well and let you know if I find anything. Thank you for your help, much appreciated :)

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