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[HELP] Updating my mod

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Hello all, I was wondering if anyone could help me update my mod? I have no idea what I have to do and can't find anything on how to do it. :/ I have the scythes mod on the steam workshop and I think it's on here, been so long I can't remember.  If any of you can help let me know and I will give you credit I promise.


Thank you and cheers.

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I was confused by this for a long time as well.

(What follows may be graphically and horrifically wrong)

It seems that as long as you mod is doing something simple(like adding an item) you can just bump the API number in your modinfo.lua (the current mod API number is '6')

Also be sure you have the ROG compatibility

So when you're done you should have some lines like this in your modinfo.lua

api_version = 6dont_starve_compatible = truereign_of_giants_compatible = true

After you do this make sure to thoroughly test your mod.

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