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  1. I mean wlamrr x.x They are scythes come on dude, i know you aren't that stupid bro >.> but they are weapons, and there isn't anything like them in the game right now.... lol this mod hasn't been made except by me and they add a new mechanic. If you own it on steam its on the steam workshop
  2. Yea I have been trying to balance it and I will find something eventually I will let you know if I change it or whatever, thanks for the feedback :3
  3. Hell yea bud go for it! Idk if you can but if you wanted to make a new prefab that could be like blood drips or something that would be amazing!!!
  4. Alright so a friend of mine and I are working on a new weapon, and we had the idea to have different renderings for each time the weapon was crafted and I was just wondering if that is possible to do. Im just not entirely sure when the rendering happens when you craft it to throw in the function Any help would be much appreciated

  5. Yea, I just wanted more uses for Walrus tusks is all, and that just sounded like a good idea.
  6. Really I was testing it last night and it seemed to work x.x alright ill look into it
  7. I'm not sure why I decided that lol I made a game back in the day, and I used this weapon and it was the first one that came to mind, if people want it just one blade then I can fix it :3
  8. Version 1.0


    Everything can be found in the zip Completely redid art! Added 2 NEW WEAPONS! ADDED A NEW MECHANIC, BLEED! Red scythe burns Blue scythe freezes trident has a lot of great features :3 Just some of the bigger changes, everything can be found in the changelog.txt file in the zip. Again thanks to blazingice26 for all his help and some of the ideas for the mod and Mr. Tiddles, I think that's it he helped me with the bleed mechanic. Thank you for your support! Everyone
  9. Well then, that is sweet. One question where did the gold walls come from?? those are sick looking