[General] - Constant prompting to 'create an account'


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Bug Submission:

Category: General

Platform: PC

Issue Title: Constant prompting to 'create an account'

Issue Description: When I try to play online I am constantly being prompted to 'create an account', even though I already have an account and have been playing for the past week.

I am aware that this was an issue before and seemed to have been fixed. However it is now happening again and I cannot seem to stop it.

Steps to Reproduce: Log into steam


Wait for Steam overlay

Press 'Play Online'

Prompt always appears

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  • Developer

If Steam is down you will receive this message in error.  


The window will show up if you click play online before you have been authenticated. 


We are working on a patch that will display what's actually going on, instead of showing this window when ever anything happens.  It will also show you that you are still authenticating, instead of asking you to create an account again.  Since it sounds like this problem is not isolated, I'll try to get this patch in asap.




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