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William Carter on The Titanic?

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I was doing a unit on the Titanic in my ELA Class.

Then I saw it.

Right there in the book.

"Mr. and Mrs. William Carter"


And so, I developed a theory.


William Carter had bought tickets to go to America on the Titanic with his unknown wife to start his magic career.. When the Titanic hit the iceberg, he survived, but his wife died from either hypothermia or drowning. Weeks later, he bought tickets onto another ship to New York. On the ship, he met Charlotte, or Charlie for short.

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Very possible. The titanic was in 1912 I believe, and the time Wilson was tricked into the Ds world was sometime in the 1920s.


I have to agree. But honestly, I think Wilson was transported some time during the Great Depression, cause it couldn't have taken him an entire night to build the Max Machine. It'd have to take a few years to get the resources.

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