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More types of weather

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I thought of this while comming back from school. Now we have one type of weather rain and snow. What would be much more interesting, if we would have multiple types of weather:

1Rain - Just regular rain, that we have right now

2. Hard rain - If you played L4D2 you know what I mean. It would, cover half of the screen around you, things in there would look blurry. Fire extinguishes twice as fast as in the regular rain. Has 1/25 chance to ocur when rain starts.

3. Downpour - Yeah, you ain't gonna like this one: you can only see things that are nearby, everything else would look blury, fire can't be lit up (except Willows lighter), only light sources would be miner's hat and mogles, to avoid wetnes you either have to stay underground or wear rain coat and rain hat or rain coat and eyebrella. Good thing that it only ocurs after whole wheel of seasons has spun and is the rarest one 1/50 chance to ocur when rain starts.

4. Hale - regular rain with ice cubes falling out of the sky, inflics damage to the mobs and player, can be countered by using umbrella or eyebrella, each blocked ice cube takes away 2 durability. Has 1/50 chance to ocur when the rain starts.

5. Storm - Downpour and hale combined. Spawns small tornados that have a chance to demolish structures, move mobs and player. Wetness can be avoided by staying underground or wearing full rain set (coat, hat/eyebrella, umbrella (parasol doesn't count as one)). Only ocurs after day 150 with a stunning chance of 1/100.

6. Snow - regular snow, nothing special.

7. Snowstorm - Player freezes faster, strong wind makes harder to hear other sounds. Covers half of the screen. Reduces moving speed by 25%. Only ocurs in winter when snowing starts (1/25 chance).

8. Heavy snowstorm - Visibility decreasing effects are the same as downpour's, to keep warm, player must stay near fire or in caves (slows freezing by 50). Reduces moving speed by 50%. No sounds can be heard because of the wind (in caves sound supressing effects are same as of snowstorm) Only ocurs in winter when snowing starts and full whell of seasons has passed(1/50 chance).

9. Natural Disaster - May the elders help you with this one...  Has 1/250 chance to ocur after day 250.


Special items: Rain staff, can be used to summon rain or snow, or if already used, summons worser version of weather (rain -> heavy rain -> downpour -> storm. Hale cannot be summoned).

Special drops: rain has a chance to wash treasures from the deeps of the earth. The heavier the rain, the more (valuable) treasures might be found afterwards.


Ps. There's a little secret in this text, lets see if you can find it.


Note: Nothing can reach you in ruins, the ancient power is stronger than the nature itself.

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I really like many of those variations, probably becaus I love rain. But I think some of them are too drastic. (I don't mean Natural Disaster). It would probably just make me rage and make me say "OH, Come oooooooon". But yeah I like the heavier rain, the snowstorm, and the idea of cubes falling from the sky (or at least some ice bits). I didn't find the secret, but I will wait till someone else finds it and then I will facepalm and say "Oh, obviously"

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The downpour would be absolutely dramatic, especially in the night. It would just be some instant die if you don't have the right tools. Natural Disaster? I don't even want to know what that's about.

Well, if you have lived full year and haven't gotten mogles or miner hat yet, well, that's mostly your fault. I get one (miner hat) even before first winter. And about natural disaster, believe me, you don't wanna know...

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I like the ideas you came up with but not sure about the tornadoes! Makes sense but I wouldn't really want to deal with one. Everything else makes sense and I'd love to see it implemented, even if only in a mod (but Klei adding it would be awesome!)

As for the secret... Elders and natural disasters... Have to go to the ruins to be safe? Hope my base is still there when I come back up!

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