[Client Crash] - % Symbol Crashes Game.

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Bug Submission:

Category: Client Crash

Issue Title: % Symbol Crashes Game.

Issue Description: Not only does it crash the game, it gives a very weird result!


The second time I typed it, the game crashed. I have no idea what could have caused this. (.exe has stopped working variant)

Steps to Reproduce: Enter game (I was hosting)

Type percent symbol in chat and send.

Do it again.

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Things like "%s" and "%f" are used in "formatted strings" -- basically you can have a string that's like "Hi, my name is %s, would you like to go to %s?" (let's say it's in the variable str), then you can pass it to a formatter with arguments to put in place of each %s, like this:


formatstring(str, "Rezecib", "the movies")


resulting in "Hi, my name is Rezecib, would you like to go to the movies?"


What's happening right now is that there's a formatting call happening somewhere between the chat input box and where it gets displayed. You can see different results if you type different % keywords, like %d for digit, %f for float, %s for string.


As for why it crashed after the second percent... that's mysterious.


But anyway, for the devs, I fiddled with this for a bit today and you can fix this by changing line 79 of chatinputscreen.lua to the following:

	local chat_string = self.chat_edit:GetString():gsub("%%", "%%%%")

Meanwhile for players, if you want to type a %, just type two in its place.

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