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2 different Sources of Don't Starve Together

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My friend bought Don't Starve together that wasn't from steam

An i bought Don't Starve from Steam


I know that Don't Starve Together will be a whole new game that everyone will be able to play if you own the game but Will i still be able to play with my friend even though i bought my copy from steam and he bought his from a different Site?

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I believe having a DST key without the base game will only give you access to the multiplayer and not singleplay. That would mean he only has multiplayer and you only have singleplayer (yet). You'll have to wait for a DST key before you can pay with your friend, so I hope you signed up for the keys a couple weeks ago. ;-)

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Don't Starve Together is currently only on Steam. So if you mean your friend got the original Don't Starve off of Steam, then you'll probably be able to play with him when DST is officially released (if they do cross-platform, which they hope they will), but if he really did buy DST then he got ripped off.


For a more official answer for what you asked, and for other FAQs, read the FAQ.

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