[General] - Strange light and no bag


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Bug Submission:

Category: General
Issue Title: Strange light and no bag
Issue Description: I connect to a server today where the light over the starting point had a strange color. Then, I noticed that i have not any bag to store the things i tried to collect. The collect doesn't work.
Steps to Reproduce: It was on "Rowenne's Server" (still active at this time) which have a ping index of 211 'i don't know if it explains the issue...)


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Ah, I'm happy someone posted about it!  :lemo:

Because you see, I just had the exact same thing happening to me a few minutes ago, and I took a screen shot as well... Weird, flickering RGB light. Besides, I've also noticed an audio bug when eating; it makes the same noise as when you lose sanity /:[

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