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  1. hahaha, yeah the way Wilson greets Maxwell is so full of resentment: "Decent day to you, Maxwell!"
  2. those quotes are awesome apparently Maxwell is Wolfgang's friend now, and Woodie even wants to tickle Maxwell on the subject of these statues
  3. yeah, it's weird. I dont think they're porting shipwrecked to DST yet..
  4. Wickerbottom about Maxwell though... "He's actually quite a sweet boy when you peel away the ego."
  5. @Zillvr 100% sure, I had just gotten one from a treasure chest... So that's really weird :/
  6. I do not use any mods, no. It really surprised me, and I haven't tried to replicate it yet. Playing as Warly, I don't know if the bug could be related to the character...?
  7. Alright, so night was coming and I wanted to craft a torch, by my inventory being full, I had to "hold" a blue gem to move it around, and then I crafted the torch - and instead of getting a torch, I got a second blue gem I instantly attempted to craft another torch, and this time it worked, maybe because I had dropped the blue gems - but yeah, that's about it!