[Gameplay] - With Willow i don't always see started fires


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Category: Gameplay

Issue Title: With Willow i don't always see started fires

Issue Description: When Willow is going insane, she switches on small fires. In Don't starve together, sometimes when she switches on a spontaneous fire, i don't see it but other players do. At the end I can see the ashes and pick them up.

I think that I saw the first two fires and then i can't see them any more.

It's not a big bug but I think it could raises some gameplay issues. Thank you very much for your work, the "Together" extension is already very funny ! (except some unavoidable unexpected deconnections from time to time)

Steps to Reproduce: Play Willow with an other player being Wilson. When Willow start to be insane, I see the first small spontaneous fires but with further insanity, I couldn't see them anymore (but my friend playing Wilson could). I saw the message "i made a fire" and the ashes at the end but no fire.

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This has happened to me several times when playing Willow. Fires were being set when I was low on sanity and no one else saw it.


I don't think in 'Steps to Reproduce' you need specifically a Wilson character; any character would (not) be able to see her fires. 

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I experienced this with a friend.  I was the host (playing Wilson) and my friend was Willow.  I would see him start fires, and the fire would show up on my screen, but he wouldn't see anything on his end (though I think he still took damage from the fire).  

Willow doesn't take fire damage :)


But I also experienced this with a Wilson/Willow duo. Almost set our entire base on fire by not keeping track of my sanity and running around going "Oo, free ashes!"

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