[Server Crash] - Skeleton Examine (non-standard characters)


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Bug Submission:

Category: Server Crash

Issue Title: Skeleton Examine (non-standard characters)

Issue Description: Upon examining a skeleton left by a modded character or Waxwell, the game crashes. I know this isn't exactly a good bug report (because those characters aren't supposed to be happening right now), but it has a simple fix that I think should've been the case already:

line 29 of skeleton.lua is:

desc = STRINGS.NAMES[string.upper(inst.char)]..GetDescription(viewer, inst, mod)

This would be more robust if it were changed to:

local charname = STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES[string.lower(inst.char)] or STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES.unknown

desc = charname..GetDescription(viewer, inst, mod)

Switching to STRINGS.CHARACTER_NAMES will fix it for Maxwell, while the other change fixes it for any other character as well.

Steps to Reproduce: Pick a mod character or Maxwell.


Examine the skeleton as a living character.

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  • Developer

When Sophie or Caitlin is examined.. the ppl who examine them crash.. ho1 can this be fixed? and it says the image for the character cant be found.. how can this be fixed?


Hopefully, this is now working for you. If not, please make sure that your game and the mods are up to date. If you still have an error after that, please take a screenshot of the error message and post it here.



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